Helping our customers save money.

Saving money on boat storage is easy at Chelan Boat Storage. All of our pricing is based upon the rental term duration. To save money simply commit to a longer rental term.

For example:

  • The monthly rates are 80-100% less than renting by the day.

  • The season rates are 10% – 50% less than renting by the month.

  • To receive maximum value, choose the season package with the optional 12-month term.

Customers with the season package and optional 12-month term also enjoy the benefits of always having a place to keep your boat and trailer year around. During the summer months when you are likely to keep the boat in the water, let us store your trailer for you. Imagine having full use of your driveway during the busy Summer months!

Unsure when your boating season is going to start or stop for the year? No worries! We make it easy for you by keeping your boat and/or trailer in storage year around with the 12-month term.

Need to get your boat serviced or detailed for the year? Relax! If you are a boat storage customer with a 12-month term, we work with you to move your boat from storage to service and back to storage again with a simple phone call to coordinate the details.

We are here to make your life easy! For maximum convenience and value, choose the season rental duration with the optional 12-month term.