At Chelan Boat Storage, we prioritize offering cost-effective solutions for boat owners seeking secure storage options. Our boat storage promotions are crafted to help customers save money while benefiting from the convenience of our premium facility.

A primary method through which our promotions aid boat owners in saving money is by providing discounted rates for extended storage contracts. By committing to a longer storage period, customers can access reduced monthly fees, resulting in significant savings compared to month-to-month pricing.

In addition, we introduce seasonal promotions aligned with peak boating seasons, such as summer or winter storage specials. These offers enable boat owners to store their vessels at discounted rates during off-peak periods, ensuring cost savings while maintaining proper storage conditions.

Ultimately, our promotions at Chelan Boat Storage aim to help boat owners reduce storage costs without compromising on the quality of care. We are committed to making boat storage affordable and convenient for all customers, allowing them to enjoy their boating experiences without financial strain.

Indoor Boat & Trailer Storage

Our indoor boat storage is the ultimate protection for your boat against the winter elements.  However, what do you do with the trailer during the summer months when your boat is in use?  Choosing the annual indoor storage option from Chelan Boat Storage means that your trailer is indoors at our secured warehouse fully protected from the harmful effects of the sun, tires last longer, paint does not fade, and bunks do not wear as fast.  If you ever need to use your trailer during the summer, just give us a call and we will move your trailer out of the warehouse for pick up.

For a limited time only, choosing the annual indoor storage option means that you will receive a discount of $1 off per foot per month.  For the typical boat owner that is a saving of $300 to $400 annually to protect your boat and trailer year around.  To receive this incentive requires advance payment in full for the annual indoor storage.

Outdoor Boat & Trailer Storage

Our outdoor boat storage area is fully protected with security fencing, security gate, security lighting and digital security cameras with motion detection. However, at Chelan Boat Storage we take protecting your boat a step further by offering custom shrink wrapping made with the highest quality UV inhibitors to protect your boat from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain and snow.

For a limited time only, choosing the annual outdoor storage option means you will receive a FREE custom shrink wrap (up to $400 in value). To receive this incentive requires advance payment in full for the annual outdoor storage.

Contact-Free Boat Storage Rentals

Renting a boat parking space has never been easier! Simply rent your boat storage space here on our website and drop the boat off in the parking area near our facility office. No need to hassle with paperwork or office hours! Secure your space online now and we will take care of the rest.

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